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Hello, beautiful entrepreneur! It’s Blair Rhianna here, and welcome to another episode of the Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast.


This is episode 3 so all the show notes as well as any links that I share will be at


Today we’re going to be talking about your feminine superpower and how there is an untapped wisdom in you that is holding the secrets to your business success. Plus, how you can align with this ancient feminine wisdom to maximise your productivity, connect more deeply with your tribe and create some serious momentum in your business – all with ease, flow and grace.


I hope you’re as excited as I am because I passionately believe every single woman, entrepreneur or not, needs access to this information in order to thrive as her full, vibrant and most embodied self.


So let’s dive in!




I believe we can’t have an open or actually even entirely useful discussion around what it means to thrive as a woman in business without first addressing the reality of what I means to be a woman and how these realities impact business. In my opinion, to leave this information out is to simply have half of a conversation that is only going to produce half of the potential results and growth in your business.


Because the reality is, you were a woman long before you were an entrepreneur. But so many of us forget this and we become so busy being busy and lost in the day to day of running and growing our businesses that we shut down our own feminine wisdom, our own internal knowing and the untapped extraordinary potential that lives within every woman.


And in case you haven’t figured it out let, I’m talking about periods. Well, actually I’m talking about the cycle in its entirety.


Now, if you think this doesn’t apply to you, it does. From the time of puberty until your death, you have a hormonal cycle, even if you’re currently using a contraceptive designed to artificially regulate or halt your cycle, even if your cycle is irregular or complicated by health concerns such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome or you’ve surgery to remove part of your reproductive system such as your ovaries or uterus and even if you’re currently or have already moved through menopause, this still applies to you.


Because the thing is, having a physical period is the most obvious sign of your cycle but it is not the cycle itself. Your cycle is controlled by your hormones, with having a period only being the physical representation of an internal cyclical process all women experience. So from puberty up until death all women have a constant hormonal cycle though the symptoms vary from obvious waves during our childbearing years to gentle ebbs and flows, particularly when you transition into the wise woman years of menopause.


So considering just how much of your live is impacted by your cycle, it’s imperative to understand the beautiful ebbs and flows of your feminine energy and how living in alignment with the rhythmic cyclical nature of being a woman influences all areas of life, from love to business. It impacts the amount of intimacy, connection, independence and fulfilment you experience in your personal life as well as your focus, productivity, confidence and even your manifesting abilities as an entrepreneur!


So in this episode I want to introduce you to your cycle, how it relates to you as an entrepreneur and what you can do to bring more flow, ease and grace into your business (and yes, that’s a deliberate pun on the word flow. I’m sorry, if you want the info, ya gotta got ready for some puns).


Now, this is something I really go deep on with my clients so in an attempt to avoid this being a four hour long episode, I want to give you an overview of your cycle to open up your awareness and start the conversation because I know that this information is entirely new to the vast majority of women and so odds are it’s your first time hearing this and that’s okay, you can go back and listen to this episode as many times as you want and you can read the show notes that contains the transcript of this episode.


So as women, we experience 4 seasons in our menstrual cycle – winter, spring, summer and autumn. You may also have heard of these as being the reflective phase, the dynamic phase, the expressive phase and the creative phase respectively. Or you may have heard these referred to by their more scientific names, being menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Now I’m not wanting to confuse you by throwing a bunch of names at you, but I want to give you all the variations so you can use whatever works best for your own understanding and also so you know what you’re reading if you ever encounter these other terms but also to give you a sense of how I use the wisdom of the cycle and help my own clients to apply it to growing their businesses.


Now, I teach the cycle from a spiritual and practical perspective, so if you’re keen on diving into the hormonal side specifically and talking about cervix positioning, hormone balancing and addressing the cycle from a health and scientific perspective, you might want to go look up someone who talks that, but if you want to understand how to use the energetics of your feminine rhythm so you can ditch the stress, hustle and burnout by increasing your productivity, creating serious consistency and getting into a state of flow in life and business, then how I teach this and apply it to businesses might be right up your alley.


Okay, so let’s get to talking about your cycle so you can get a sense of how this ties together. Winter is from day 1-6 and is characterised by the arrival of your physical period, winter is then followed by spring from days 7-13, then ovulation from day 14-20 then autumn from day 21 until the first day of winter with the arrival of your period, where the whole cycle begins again.


In terms of your feminine energy, being your yin energy, and your masculine energy, being your yang, spring and summer are the yang phases of your cycle, which are all about action, extroversion and momentum, whereas autumn and winter are your yin phases, which are all about stillness, introversion and reflection.


Now, every woman is different, so your seasons may not directly line up with these time frames as they are based on a typical 28 day cycle. So depending on how regular your cycle is, you may notice variations so it’s important to apply this information to you and your own unique rhythm rather than trying to force your body to fit these exact parameters.


So they are the four phases and each phase has it’s own strength in business and a collective of optimised actions that you can be taking to consistently grow your businesses and keep you moving forward, completely bypassing the overwhelm that tends to crop up in business.


Now from a hormonal and energetic level, your cycle actually begins on around day 6 or 7 on the first day of spring, which is when your hormones begin to climb after their lull during winter but to simplify the cycle for you, especially in the early stages of becoming aware of the seasons, learning how your cycle works and exploring how they manifest for you emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically, let’s start exploring the cycle at it’s most obvious physical stage, being in winter with the first day of your bleed.



So winter is your reflective phase and that’s the time when we’re really in our internal world, our hormones are at their lowest and we’re naturally more introverted and introspective. It’s also the time when the veil between the conscious mind and subconscious mind is at its thinnest so our access to subconscious information is at it’s most pronounced. That’s when we have our most intuitive insights in business but it’s important to create space to receive those intuitive hits by giving yourself time to rest.


This is the feeling phase so it’s the perfect time for asking the big questions and getting clarity on your why, your business direction and really tuning in to make sure your current trajectory is in alignment with your values and big vision and also to help you feel into how to correct your course if something in your business feels a bit off. It’s the phase to emotionally and energetically commit to any changes you wish to create but it is not the time for action. Resist the urge to be taking action during this phase, that time will come but not when your body and soul is needing rest and reflection. This phase is all about feeling and commitment, rather than immediate and direct action, which makes it a big teacher in patience, especially if you’re a real go-getter who struggles to find her off switch.


It can be so hard to do, but giving yourself one or two days of complete rest during the beginning of your period can seriously change your life and your business, and I’m speaking from experience. Taking rest during this time replenishes your emotional and energetic resources so you can feel more sustained throughout the coming month, rather than pushing through and burning out because you entered the new cycle with the same amount of depleted energy that you finished the last one with. Which is why as a female entrepreneur, it’s so incredibly important to know how to work with your own rhythms and plan in alignment with those rhythms so you’re not derailing your business momentum or sabotaging your success by doing the right thing at the completely wrong time, for example trying to build a funnel during autumn or trying to do a launch during your period.



And then we have the next phase, which is spring , from day 7-13, and this is where you literally feel like you’re coming back to life after the deep hibernation of winter. Your energy, confidence and optimism begins to climb and is at its peak at this point in the cycle. I like to think of this as Energiser Bunny Mode.


This is also the phase where our thinking is at it’s most linear and sequential so it’s the perfect time for logical thinking and planning as well as learning and implementing new things into your business. So looking at all of those tasks that would have seemed confusing or impossible to you in previous weeks that now seem to naturally click and fall into place. It’s also the time to take action on the insights you gained during winter and plan the month ahead in your business to keep yourself on track.



The next phase of the cycle from day 14 to 20 is summer. This is a delicious time for us women and this phase often represents the quintessential picture of womanhood and femininity that society unfortunately portrays and compares us to as the standard. Because again, the wisdom of the cycle is not common knowledge and so we women feel pressure to be consistently loving, consistently giving and always turned on in life and business, which are all characteristic of this phase but it’s just that. A phase. You’re not designed to be one way all the time, no matter how much the media and society tells us we should be. It’s not possible to be one way all the time and you shouldn’t feel the pressure to be.


So in this phase we are all about people, emotional intimacy and connection. Think of this phase as embodying our mother energy. We’re more compassionate, empathetic and intuitively connected to those around us. This is also the time when our verbal and social skills are at their peak and we are our most articulate and effortlessly social, so it’s the perfect time for recording videos or podcasts, interviews and running live events or workshops. And also, fun fact, because of where your hormones are at your face looks more symmetrical as well so we tend to look our most attractive, which is why doing anything that calls you into the public eye during this time is a good idea.



The next phase of the cycle is autumn from day 21 to 28 or until your period starts. Despite many women dreading this point in their cycle, autumn is actually a magical time for creativity and inspired thinking and creative problem solving. This is the time of the month where it’s a good idea to have a notebook handy so you can quickly write down any ideas or creative solutions that drop in for you before they quickly disappear in the midst of scattered thinking and mind fog.


This is also a time where you’ll feel a compulsion to nest and declutter so in those times where you’re feeling flat or too scattered to focussed, channel your energy into decluttering your office, doing your filing or catching up on those single-pointed repetitive tasks that don’t require too much brain power. And of course, self-care is essential at all points in the cycle but this is especially true in autumn.


PMS and The Masculine Paradigm

Autumn can often be a difficult time for many women as it is often characterised by PMS symptoms such as overwhelm, brain fog, fatigue, anger, emotional outburst, wanting to set entire villages on fire, doubting everything in your business and just generally feeling unable to cope. I will say though, that PMS is not actually a natural part of the cycle. It’s common, but it’s not normal. In our culture, we tend to think of PMS as being a given; an inescapable part of being a woman, however this simply is not the case. Studies have shown that in Eastern cultures, PMS is rarely documented if documented at all and its only Western women that have the widespread experience PMS.


In my humble opinion, I believe this is largely because our masculine Western societal structure glorifies the hustle, glories struggle and fosters an addiction to being busy and demands that women be the same way all the time. Just take our traditional 9-5 working structure for example, where we’re expected to perform to the same capacity Monday to Friday. So the messaging of our culture puts pressure on women to force ourselves to try to meet an ideal that we fundamentally can not achieve because it was never designed with our feminine energy and feminine realities in mind.


Sadly, in our culture the feminine has largely been suppressed or ignored and thankfully this is changing. There’s a massive shift going on at the moment with the rising of the feminine energy on the planet but our recent history and much of our societal structures have been rooted in the masculine paradigm and there are a lot of taboos around the topics that greatly impact women, such as periods where we haven’t readily had access to the information we need to help us thrive in all areas of our roles, from mother, to lover, to business owner. And so periods are seen as something a woman just needs to push through in order to continue being productive, successful and useful.


In terms of the masculine and feminine energy, the masculine is linear, outcome focussed and has consistency with hard edges whereas the feminine energy is cyclical, feeling focussed with soft edges and natural ebbs and flows. So as women many of us are trying to succeed or just survive in this masculine driven paradigm by disconnecting form the feminine where we get lost in our heads and shut down our hearts and disconnect us from our intuitive wisdom and the feeling and emotion based language of our bodies.


The tragic part is that in our quest to be successful in business, we’re actually ignoring the feminine gifts we naturally have access to that can get us to our goals a whole lot quicker and with a whole lot less struggle!


So as a female entrepreneur there is incredible power of understanding your own rhythms and giving yourself permission to stop trying to play at business like a man. It doesn’t work, not for you, not for your business, not for your clients and certainly not for your sanity. Honouring your own feminine power and channelling that inner wisdom into your business, that’s how you get into flow as an entrepreneur. That’s how you begin to get aligned so you can create more magic in your business and as a result have more magic come towards you in the form of more money, more clients, more opportunities and more joy.


So stop being busy for the sake of being busy! Often in our business we’re looking at strategy though the wrong lens. We think of it as something external to us that we need to do, build or implement, and of course this is true and an essential part of growing and scaling a business, but strategy alone is not enough. When it comes to embodied business and thriving as a female entrepreneur, the key strategy you need to be looking at is your inner strategy, not just your mindset but understanding how to work with your feminine rhythms and shape your external strategies in alignment with your internal realities so you’re not in the position of doing the right thing at the wrong time in your business where you get overwhelmed, stressed out and begin to doubt if you can actually achieve the goals and dreams you’re here to achieve. Because you can. It’s just a matter of working in alignment with your internal strengths to enhance your external results. So stop doing what everyone else is telling you to do in the way they think you should being doing it and get more in tune with the sacred wisdom of your body and the subtle expressions of your feminine energy so you’re doing the right thing at the time in your business your unique way.


And there you have it, the four phases of your feminine energy and how it applies to your business so you can get more savvy with your business strategy, more productive in your work and most importantly, more connected to yourself on your entrepreneurial journey so you can thrive as a woman, find your flow and grow your business with grace.


Now remember, you can find all the show notes for this episode over at and you’ll also find a little graphic giving you a visual of the 4 seasons for you to refer back to.



And if you’ve found this episode helpful, then I invite you to come on over to my free private Facebook group where we leave taboo, comparison and scarcity at the door and talk about all the things that truly matter to female entrepreneurs and dive deeper into the topics I talk about on this podcast, which of course includes chatting about our cycles. Simply visit and request to join.


As always, thank you for joining me for this episode of The Aligned Entrepreneur podcast.


Until next time I’m Blair Rhianna and I can not wait to see your shine your light in the way that only you can.


Bye for now.



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